HOW CAN YOU USE GIE CUSTOM?Select one of these or build your own custom site
GIE Portfolios

A one-stop-shop for any innovation program. GIE Custom admins can showcase the organization’s supported innovations in one place as well as feature other relevant information about the funding program or organization such as application details and news coverage. Plus:

  1. Share this as a go-to destination to learn more about your portfolio and program
  2. Connect entrepreneurs to a free tool to find follow-on funding, conduct competitive analysis for their innovations, and to get in front of funders and other scaling partners
  3. Get updated information and tracking of your innovations, beyond their official engagement with you

GIE Markets

A hub for innovations, funding, resources and more within one or many sectors, geographies or topics such as Health Innovations in Kenya or Indonesian Innovation Hub. Plus:

  1. Showcase your expertise and thought leadership about a specific topic
  2. Hand-select from 1000s innovations, millions of funding, 500+ movers-and-shakers
  3. Work with your network to add your own innovations that will be instantly cross-published on the global site

GIE Learn

Feature essential resources, webinars, blogs, toolkits and more for any focus area such as health or early childhood education. Plus:

  1. Showcase your expertise and thought leadership about a specific topic
  2. Work with your network to add up-to-date content such as blogs and resources
  3. With GIE’s search functionality, your users will find the right resources

GIE Call for Innovations
Partner with GIE to run your call for innovations in any global development focus area or geography. Host your call on a GIE Custom site. Plus:
  1. Use GIE innovation profiles as applications, bringing opportunities and exposure for innovations beyond your call.
  2. Showcase past funded innovations, application details, and other resources all in one place.
  3. Can add:An invitation to GIE innovations, targeted outreach to source new innovations and shortlisting of innovations.

GIE custom site has the flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of any innovation program. Mix and match the above to access all GIE Custom features, flexibility and robust database for $10,000/year. 

Looking for something even bigger? No problem, GIE is happy to partner with you and your staff to expand the capabilities of your GIE Custom site.
About GIE Custom
With GIE Custom, you can create a white-label version of Global Innovation Exchange (GIE) that represents your brand, expertise, and role in the global development innovation space.