Updated Apr 27, 2018

Global Resilience Partnership  COLLABORATIONS

Sep 2019
  1. FOCUS AREASHealth, Citizen Participation and Climate Change and Resilience
  2. IMPLEMENTED INIndonesia and United States
  1. RecognitionPENDING
  2. Was recognized as "Atma Connect wins the GRP Innovation Challenge" by Civil Rights Defenders as part of Innovation Challenge and Global Resilience Partnership
May 2019
Smart Data for Smart Cities (SD4SC)
  1. FOCUS AREASUrbanization, Data Collection/Needs Assessments and Financial Sector & Investment
  2. IMPLEMENTED INGhana and Liberia
  1. In the News
  2. Has been mentioned in the news UN-Habitat, MIA, Underscore Importance of Liberia’s National Urban Policy, Cities Alliance by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini as part of Global Resilience Partnership, Data4SDGs and Open innovation for smart and inclusive cities