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About Gray Matters Capital

Gray Matters Capital (GMC) is an Impact Investing Enterprise founded by Bob Pattillo. We actively invest in sustainable, replicable business models that benefit underserved populations in developing countries. Our Vision? "An education leading to a more purposeful life for 100 million women by 2036." We place a major emphasis on co-creating value with our partners: social businesses, entrepreneurs, and other impact investors. The active participation of our founder and partners has made us catalytic in the marketplace, showing others that they can create value through service, engagement, and investment. Gray Matters Capital was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2006. It grew out of a like-minded enterprise founded in 2000 called Gray Ghost Ventures. We initially invested in Micro-finance banks that deliver financial services to low-income communities in emerging markets. Since that time, GMC has invested in a number of scalable ventures that generate positive social and financial returns. Our mission-related investments span multiple industries: mobile/IT, healthcare, microfinance, energy, and now education. In 2007, the foundation turned its focus toward quality education for underserved children in developing countries, with a special focus on India. GMC has collaborated with a number of entrepreneurs, investment companies, NGOS, and other organizations to enhance the quality of schools through its Affordable Private Schools Initiative, Gray Matters India - the School Ratings Program, and the Indian School Finance Company (ISFC) In 2010, GMC launched the IDEX Accelerator, a professional fellowship program for aspiring social enterprise practitioners. IDEX fellows gain hands-on experience addressing the needs of a growing enterprise while earning a Professional Certification in Social Enterprise. Since 2010, our IDEX Accelerator has transformed from a pilot project of 10 fellows to a global initiative with over 100 alumni. Sustainable market-based investments are the key to addressing the world’s most challenging social issues. We operate for-profit models that alleviate poverty, promote the dignity of human rights, and enhance the quality of education for low-income communities around the world. GMC also invests in human capital and ecosystem development throughout the developing world, and collaborates with investees, and other internal and external stakeholders, to research and support game-changing business concepts. We prioritize our activities according to market demand, and the potential for large-scale social impact and economic returns. We believe that placing a major emphasis on social gains translates into larger financial returns, which differentiates us from many traditional investors.
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