Updated May 13, 2021

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Since its launch in 2011, Plantwise has supported over 30 million smallholder farmers across the world with the knowledge they need to lose less of what they grow to pests and diseases, increasing food security and improving rural livelihoods.

Stage 5: Scaling

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Bolivia, Bangladesh, Uganda and 30 MoreSEE ALL

Bolivia, Bangladesh, Uganda, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Vietnam, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Kenya, India, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Peru, Pakistan, Barbados, Afghanistan, Ghana, China, Cambodia, Grenada, Jamaica, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Brazil, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and MyanmarSEE LESS

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Worldwide, over 500 million smallholder farmers provide food for two-thirds of the earth’s growing population. Yearly, an estimated 40% of crops grown worldwide are lost to pests. If we could reduce crop losses by just 1%, we could potentially feed millions more people. The lack of access to timely, appropriate and actionable extension advice makes it a fundamental challenge for farmers to get the right information at the right time to reduce crop losses.



Plantwise is a global programme, which helps farmers lose less of what they grow to plant health problems. Working closely with national agricultural advisory services, we have established a global plant clinic network run by trained plant doctors, where farmers can find practical plant health advice. Plant clinics work just like clinics for human health: farmers visit with samples of their crops, and plant doctors diagnose the problem and make science-based recommendations on ways to manage it.


Sep 2019
New Product Or Service
Official launch of two Plantwise educational apps - PestSmart Diagnostic Simulator and Crop Management Simulator; both games deliver and reinforce the diagnostic and management practices learnt when undertaking the Plantwise training modules.
Dec 2018
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Jan 2005
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Uganda and Nicaragua
Jan 2004
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Jan 2003
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