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Applying a social franchise model Aflatoun empowers children and young people (in & out of school) with social, financial & entrepreneurial skills so they become agents of their own future, turning dependence into independence.

Aflatoun is an innovative bottom-up network of 300+ interconnected partner organisations, including NGOs, CSOs, Ministries of Education, Central Banks and international agencies. It uses the Social Franchise Model. Aflatoun supports partners with technical assistance, contextualisation of materials and training teachers in the use of our methodology and materials. The focus is on building the c...
Aflatoun is an innovative bottom-up network of 300+ interconnected partner organisations, including NGOs, CSOs, Ministries of Education, Central Banks and international agencies. It uses the Social Franchise Model. Aflatoun supports partners with technical assistance, contextualisation of materials and training teachers in the use of our methodology and materials. The focus is on building the capacity on the ground through investing in local master trainers. The International Secretariat and Aflatoun Implementing Partners rely on a reciprocal commitment. Key principles include: (i) Open source: The Secretariat provides materials to partners for free. In return partners share innovations; (ii) Partner input: Partner expertise is essential to the quality of the programmes. Partners share experiences & participate in learning visits; (iii) Coordinated communications: The Secretariat facilitates communications between itself and partners, and amongst partners. It provides frequent network updates; (iv) Equality: The Network is comprised of diverse organizations all of whom are considered equals in collaboration; (v) Consensus building: A participative method of operation is applied. At its heart, the movement is about children. Aflatoun is expanding its role by focusing on integrating social and financial education into national curricula, while continuing to prioritise the most vulnerable children.

Stage 5: Scaling

Aflatoun is rapidly growing. A dynamic, bottom-up network of 300+ partner organisations in 100+ countries reaching 10.4 million children in 2019. Increasingly governments are interested to integrate the Aflatoun content into their education systems.
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Focus Areas:

Curriculum, Soft or Life Skills, Economic Empowerment and 10 MoreSEE ALL

Curriculum, Soft or Life Skills, Economic Empowerment, Basic Education, Secondary Education, Pre-primary/Pre-school/ECD Education, School-to-Work Transition, Gender Equity, Emerging Adulthood (20-24), Mid-Adolescence (15-19), Young Adolescence (10-14), Positive Youth Development and Sexual and Reproductive HealthSEE LESS

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In many countries, children don’t have the knowledge & skills to participate and contribute to their societies which are often characterized by weak edu-systems, poor social services and limited job opportunities. Many are at risk of dropping out of school, forced into child labour, exploitation, early childbirth, resulting in negative health outcomes, incl. HIV/AIDS. These threats affect their future plans and seriously diminish their career opportunities, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.



In order to ensure long-lasting and sustainable solutions the Aflatoun programmes provide social & financial education for children and young people (formal & non-formal settings). Children are inspired to discover their talents & put them to use, to stand up for their rights and those of their communities, to solve problems. They learn how to save, how to budget and how to set up social and financial enterprises that benefit themselves and their communities. Turning Dependence into Independence

Target Beneficiaries

The Aflateen+ programme is designed for adolescent girls who face challenges in education and health services and who frequently face discrimination and violence. While we target all children, the different Aflatoun programmes (Aflatot, Aflatoun, Aflateen & Aflayouth) prioratize programmes for especially vulnerable groups, including extremely poor children, children affected by AIDS, migrant populations, vulnerable girls and those with disabilities or special needs.

Mission and Vision

We expect: Life Skills & Financial Education widely integrated into programmes for children and young people, developed to fulfil the SDGs; Aflatoun International recognised as important contributor to improve the overall quality of education; Life Skills and Financial Education integrated into sub national, national, regional and international policy frameworks, strategies and programmes related to children and young people. {Due to COVID-19 the Strategy has been extended till end-2021]

Competitive Advantage

There is an increased recognition that 21st century skills are an ‘essential component’ of any education system (incl. skill like problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration). However, many find it challenging to operationalize the concept. Through our Aflatoun programmes children and young people learn about the choices available to them, building vital social qualities such as a strong sense of personal understanding and self-esteem to enable them to take control of their futures and impact on economies through the core financial elements they are taught. The material has already been contextualised to local realities and translated in 45 languages. Aflatoun’s education has proven to be effective. It is one of the most well-researched life skills and financial education programmes globally. Our approach has been recognised by Brookings Institutions, SSIR and Harvard University as a best practice in scaling up quality education in developing countries.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We strongly belief that many more children can be reached using a low-cost/high-impact approach. We will further accelerate our scale-up efforts while ensuring quality and maximizing our reach to the unreached: (i) Support Aflatoun’s existing & new NGO/CSO partners prioritizing the most vulnerable children; and (ii) Work with authorities to integrate Social & Financial Education into national curricula. At the same time we will develop a sustainable business model.
Funding Goal7,250,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted20,000,000
New Implemented CountriesMongolia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Afghanistan, Guinea, Guatemala, Ghana, Georgia, Gambia, The, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Congo, Republic of the, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Colombia, China, Chile, Chad, Cameroon, Cambodia, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Benin, Belarus, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Algeria, United States, Haiti, Serbia, Mauritius, Malawi, Lebanon, Senegal, Rwanda, Russia, Romania, Poland, Philippines, Peru, Palestinian Territories, Nigeria, Niger, Netherlands, Nepal, Namibia, Mozambique, Morocco, Moldova, Mexico, Mali, Malaysia, Macedonia, Liberia, Lesotho, Laos, Kuwait, Kenya, Jordan, Italy, Kosovo, India, Hungary, Honduras, Guinea-Bissau, Egypt, Cote d'Ivoire, Armenia, Togo, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uganda, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Turkey, Tunisia, Tanzania, Syria, Swaziland, Sudan, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, South Africa, Somalia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Madagascar, Latvia, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, Yemen
Recruit1 Management, 6 Programme Managers, 2 Monitoring & Evaluation Officers, 1 Private Sector Business Development Specialist, 1 Finance officer
New FeatureAccredited blended learning approach for teachers/educators combining face-to-face training in active learning methodologies with on-line content learning. Digital interactive tools to engage with youth using on-line and off-line approaches.

The Team Behind the Innovation

The Aflatoun team in Amsterdam consists of 30 staff and several volunteers/interns. There are 21 different nationalities represented in the team. Eight staff are under the age of 30. Supervision is provided through a Supervisory Board and a Global Network Board which consists of elected members of the network.



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