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Transform Fund

Offered by Islamic Development Bank as part of Engage

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) has launched a $500M Science, Technology and Innovation Transform Fund (IsDB-STIF). TheIsDB-STI Fund will support sustainability science ideas/projects with focus on innovations benefiting the Muslim World and having the following attributes: a) disruptive, transformative and inspiring innovations that are linked to one or more SDGs (education, health, agriculture, water and sanitation and infrastructure); b) feasible innovations having scalable solutions with high impact; and c) innovations that are adaptable, replicable, readily diffusible, affordable and accessible. The IsDB-STI Fund will support eligible scientists, innovators, SMEs and institutions that need initial funding and growth capital for their ideas/projects. These ideas/projects will result in technologies and solutions that will contribute to the development effectiveness of IsDB Member Countries and Muslim communities in non-member countries
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Grant, EquityType
CLOSEDJul 31, 2018Deadline
Up to $1,000,000Amount
Criteria: StageAmount Per Prize
Stage 3$50,000 - $100,000
Stage 4Up to $300,000
Stage 5 and 6Up to $1,000,000

Mandatory Requirements

StageStage 3: Proof of Concept, Stage 4: Transition to Scale, Stage 5: Scaling and Stage 6: Sustained Scale
Implemented In:
RegionLow and Middle Income Countries
Focus AreasEducation
Housing and Infrastructure
Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Category 1 (Grant): This category supports scientists and innovators who have innovative ideas with demonstrated concept of practical potential and who are in need of initial funding/seed money to develop their ideas into pilot project interventions/development solutions with potential business proposal. (GIE Stage 3: Proof of Concept.)

Category Two (Equity): Scaling up of Innovative Projects: this category is designed to support candidates (mainly scientists, SMEs, entrepreneurs, NGOs and research institutions) who successfully piloted project interventions in a MC of the Bank or assisted Muslim communities in a non-member country, which involve innovative technologies/solutions and in need for additional funding to replicate and/or scale up the projects in other Member Countries s, especially in Least Developed Member Countries. (GIE Stage 4: Transition to Scale)

Category Three (Equity): Commercialization of Technology: this category is designed to support candidates (scientists, SMEs, entrepreneurs, NGOs and research institutions) which implemented and successfully scaled up innovative projects in a number of Member Countries and in need of additional funding for the commercialization of the services and products developed by those projects. (GIE Stage 5: Scaling & Stage 6: Sustainable Scale)

Other Requirements

Target BeneficiariesApplicants can come from anyone in the world as long as the work supports a member state or aMuslim community in a non-member state. Member states include: Saudi Arabia , Libya , Iran , Nigeria , United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Egypt , Kuwait , Turkey , Algeria , Pakistan , Indonesia , Malaysia , Bangladesh , Yemen , Morocco , Sudan , Jordan , Senegal , Oman , Iraq , Brunei , Cameroon , Burkina Faso , Niger , Gabon , Kazakhstan , Azerbaijan , Mali , Guinea , Tunisia , Lebanon , Mauritania , Bahrain , Mozambique , Maldives , Kyrgyzstan , Gambia , Uganda , Benin , Palestine , Syria , Tajikistan , Togo , Sierra Leone , Uzbekistan , Comoros , Cote D'Ivoire , Afghanistan , Chad , Albania , Suriname , Djibouti , Guinea-Bissau , Somalia , Turkmenistan , Guyana

Application Directions

Please apply by filling the online application form available at the IDB portal.
Note the application must be accompanied by an initial idea concept note (in the case of Category one) or detailed project technical proposal / feasibility study (in the case of other categories) demonstrating, among others, the requested information under each category and supported by illustrative media means (e.g. photos, videos, demos, etc.).



Past Funded Innovations Of Transform Fund

MAR 2020
  • $400,000PENDING
    1. TYPEGrant
    2. FOCUS AREASEntrepreneurship, Gender Equity, Health Systems and 1 more SEE ALLEntrepreneurship, Gender Equity, Health Systems and Digital Inclusion & Connectivity SEE LESS
    3. IMPLEMENTED INEntrepreneurship, Gender Equity, Health Systems and 1 more SEE ALLEntrepreneurship, Gender Equity, Health Systems and Digital Inclusion & Connectivity SEE LESS
    4. FUNDINGTransform Fund
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